oceanbox.io increases the knowledge about the near shore ocean making operations more predictable, secure, and with less environmental concerns. We call this #oceanintelligence

Model validation: If you have recorded time series with sensor data and want to validate our models please get in touch. Within 24 hours we can give an overview of how well our models corresponds to your area of interest. See our model validation page for more detail.

The Team

The Oceanbox team have more than 20 years of experience in fields such as Oceanography, Marine ecology, Software development, Scientific computing and Parallel programming, and are working on something we have wanted to do for a long time

Our Philosophy

We aim to redefine oceanography by creating unique and amazing visual software tools for the near shore ocean, and base our programming on models that can be scientifically reproduced and recognisable in the live environment


Our online services make it possibility to observe the near shore ocean in high resolution and creatively analyze transport of particles, sedimentation, pinpoint windows for operations and reduce risk of aborted missions and dangerous situations

Example: Fish farm recontamination simulation

The first video shows how the simulation was set up with connection to a real environment. The simulation took aproximatly 15 minutes to perform. Note: This example is a simulation and not a documentation of a real-life event.

The second video shows the output of the simulation. A number of particles were released during the first 24 hours of the simulation and then the simulation ran for 48 more hours to observe the transport pattern and where they ended up. In this case they circled back to the fish farm with a high probability of recontamination.

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